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Owner - Jaron Davis

imperfect fitness jaron davis

NASM Certified Personal Trainer Jaron Davis started Imperfect Fitness in order to bring physical health and nutrition to people who hate going to the gym.

A lifelong athlete, Davis grew up playing football and basketball, going on to play both sports at the collegiate level. After an injury thwarted his dreams of going pro, he was determined to get his physical strength back. He started researching, exercising and training every day and returned to pre-injury shape. That’s when a light bulb went off—if he could do it, anyone can. This was the inspiration for Imperfect Fitness.

Today, he works with a diverse client base in his private gym. Whether you’re looking to rebuild strength after an injury or wow at a high school reunion, Davis has a plan for you. His one-on-one, eight-week jumpstart program has transformed the most hesitant people into fitness enthusiasts.

Davis’s goal is to show everyone who walks into Imperfect Fitness everything they’re capable of with community support. No one’s fitness journey is perfect and that’s just the way he likes it. Davis currently lives in the state of Maryland with his wife and two children.

Registered Dietitian - Jillian Quainoo

imperfect fitness Jillian Quainoo

Jillian received her B.S. from Bradley University and went on to Prairie View A&M University for her Dietetic Internship. She is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. She has spoken at churches, led events at schools and worked as a clinical and community dietitian in the public health sector.

Originally from the Chicagoland area, Jillian grew up in a diverse community. She witnessed various people in her community suffering from preventable illnesses, including family members. Many of these illnesses were linked to diet and lifestyle. Jillian was determined to find culturally appropriate ways to inspire and educate people to live better. She has found that the key to helping people live better is to inspire them with purpose and empower them to see the freedom in their own lives. Her goal is to help people understand that a healthy lifestyle enables an individual to invest in their future and their community. If we are healthier, we will have MORE energy to build our communities.

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