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Wanting to punch out stress while learning a martial art? Master the sweet science of boxing with our experienced fight coaches. From the beginner to the advanced boxer, we have a progressive program for you!


The squat… bench press… and deadlift — need I say more? The standard-bearers of them all, these three powerlifting exercises are the foundation of any solid strength program. At Imperfect Fitness you WILL utilize these lifts, and you will learn how to perform them safely.

Functional Fitness

The word “functional” is trendy (and often overused) in the fitness world — but for good reason. Many people “look” strong, but are not as strong as they look due to the inability to lift, pick up, and move heavy/odd objects outside of the gym. To be functional is to carry out life’s daily tasks while avoiding injuries along the way. We work tirelessly to address muscular imbalances and weak points, while keeping exercise challenging and fun.

High Intensity Cardio

The staple of fat burn, our gym emphasizes intensity and grit! High intensity cardio keeps the heart rate elevated, and unlike slow-steady state cardio it works the muscles explosively, creating a breeding ground for recomposition (i.e changing the shape) of the body.

Group Fitness

Hate working out alone? We offer select group classes for the serious individual who enjoys exercising with a community of like-minded people. Group classes lend to better results due to the fast pace of classes, as well as the camaraderie and healthy competition of group members.

Gym Rental

Are you a freelance personal trainer who needs a state-of-the-art facility to train out of? Contact us for space rental pricing.

Online Coaching

Take advantage of our virtual resources, maximizing your potential with specialized one on one coaching. We want to see you tackle barriers and attain new heights!

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