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Exercise Is Not The Enemy

That’s right! Many people often ask where the phrase, “Exercise is Not The Enemy” came from. This quote (now synonymous with Imperfect Fitness) was a natural byproduct of observations experienced while interacting with clients throughout my first year as a trainer. Often times, when people would people (e.g. make excuses, lack commitment, not want to work hard); they typically had a sob story to explain why they couldn’t work out. Recognizing this nauseating pattern, one day while listening to a client tell me she was too stressed to work out; I cut her off mid-sentence, “EXERCISE IS NOT THE ENEMY!” But — we often make it one.

Obesity is running rampant in our culture today. Being sedentary is glorified. We don’t have time to work out, but we have HOURS to binge watch tv shows (I bet you are currently watching Bel Air huh? No shade). Among African-American adults, almost 48 percent are obese (37 percent men; 56 percent women). ALL of our lives are stressed, but we have to find ways to prioritize, and reorganize our lives to make exercising work. It may not be first in your book, but health IS the top priority. This is not up for debate; without health you can’t achieve anything else that you want to achieve in life.

Travel the world? Nope.

Raise a family? Not at all.

Gotta take care of yourself, to be able to take care of others!

It’s time to get moving. If you’re stressed or depressed, exercise! It is not the enemy.
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Friday, 21 June 2024

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